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Explore all your options from the best suppliers of office trailers in Arizona. We offer flexible financing options, free delivery, and standard & full custom solutions.

Our Portable Mobile Office Trailer Solutions:

Here are some of the offers available to Arizonian Businesses in July 2021:

  • New & Used Construction Trailers For Sale
  • Portable Office Buildings
  • Modular Offices (Standard & Custom)
  • Pre-Owned Mobile Offices
  • Jobsite Trailers
  • Portable Classrooms & Education Space
  • Rental & Purchase Options Available
  • Flexible Financing

Purchase & Rental Inventory Sizes

Here at Mobile Office Sales, we ensure that all portable office trailers are made of materials of the highest quality. We follow every national and Arizona building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical code. 

Office Trailers in Arizona

Sizes we offer:

  • 20’ x 8’ – 128 sq. ft.
  • 24’ x 8’ – 160 sq. ft.
  • 30’ x 8’ – 208 sq. ft.
  • 32’ x 8’ – 224 sq. ft.
  • 36’ x 8’ – 256 sq. ft.
  • 36’ x 10’ – 320 sq. ft.
  • 44’ x 10’ – 400 sq. ft.
  • 50’ x 10’ – 460 sq. ft.
  • 44’ x 12’ – 480 sq. ft.
  • 50’ x 12’ – 552 sq. ft.
  • 60’ x 12’ – 672 sq. ft.
  • 64’ x 12’ – 720 sq. ft.
  • 32’ x 8’ – 224 sq. ft.

Mobile Office Sales also offers fully custom solutions to all the cities in the Grand Canyon State. Our team of experts can provide our services whether you’re from Cave Creek, Pinetop-Lakeside, or Quartzsite.

Why Do You Need in a Mobile Office Trailer?

Plenty of Arizonian businesses are enjoying the benefits of owning and renting a mobile office trailer. It allows them to expand their businesses without investing in constructing a new room or building. With a portable building, they don’t have to take a massive loan to expand their reach. Organizations are experiencing the functionality and versatility of a space that suits their needs. 

Whether companies lease or purchase a trailer, they enjoy a freestanding structure. Mobile offices in Arizona are self-sufficient and energy-efficient spaces. They also have the convenience of reaching places and moving with ease. Mobile office trailers are the best solution that your business could ever have. 

Mobile Office Trailers For Sale Vs Rental: Arizona

There are endless possibilities for you and your organization with a mobile office trailer on your side. Mobile offices offer Arizonian businesses not only convenience but also affordability. However, it can be confusing whether you should be renting or buying a modular building. To help you, here are the things that you need to know:

Purchasing Outright

If you’re going to need office units for a long period, purchasing outright is the way to go. Businesses use their purchased trailers over and over again. Unlike rentals, paid-for units are customized to what the businesses needed. However, purchasing outright will require more investment than a rental. 

Rental Agreements

If you only need modular offices for single-use, rental agreements are the best choice. It’s the most affordable option if you need extra space immediately. Unlike buying a trailer, you won’t need to make a massive investment with leasing. However, you don’t have the ability to customize a rental.

Finding The Best Mobile Office Suppliers In Arizona

Before you commit to renting or buying a mobile office in Arizona, do your research. Make sure to find your best options without compromising your time and money. Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking for a seller in Arizona:

  • Fees – Look for a dealer that’s not only transparent with their fees but also provides affordable services. Make sure they also provide a liability waiver once you make a commitment.
  • Customer Service – The best seller to work with is someone who comes to your aid when you need them. Ask the availability of their customer service representatives and if their assistance is available 24/7.
  • Quality – Choose a seller that only works with the most reliable manufacturers. Whether they’re renting or selling, always make sure that you can see the unit in advance. They should also be transparent about how old the units are and how many times they’ve been leased before.

What To Look For In a Construction Trailer

Choosing the perfect sales office units for your organization can be a difficult task, especially if you’re living in Arizona. There are plenty of choices to pick in the state, whether you’re in Flagstaff, Chandler, or Kingman. There are plenty of considerations that you have to make. Here are some of them:

  • Design – The design of your trailer should accommodate what your organization needs. Do you need a partition in certain areas? Can it handle shelves? Does it have enough outlets and light fixtures?
  • Furnishings – Make sure that there’s enough space for the furnishings that you need. Will you need desks, chairs, and tables? Do you want a drawing table? Should the trailer be bigger or smaller?
  • Amenities – The trailer should have the amenities to help you and your team do your job effortlessly. Will the trailer allow you to connect to a power source? Does it come with a water hookup? Will it stay balanced even on a non-level surface?

Construction Trailer Uses

Businesses can use construction trailers for different purposes. Any organization can utilize a construction trailer as a:

  • Mobile Church – Religious organizations use mobile churches to better serve their believers. Children stay in mobile classrooms and daycare centers while their parents attend the service.
  • Logistics Office – In the army, providing support to those in the field is necessary. They can place themselves where they are needed. Even if their officers and soldiers are in war-torn areas, they can help their people with prefabricated offices in place. 
  • Government Mobile Office Units – The Arizonian government reaches areas such as Havasu Falls, The Wave, or Phantom Ranch with a portable office trailer. They get to their constituents and move from one place to another. With costs under $450 every month, renting a mid-sized unit is easy.
  • Mobile Classroom Units For Lease – Even the state of Arizona is not safe from the lack of classrooms. Fortunately, schools nowadays use mobile classroom units to reach students from Casa Grande, Queen Creek, or Sun City. They only need to spend between $350 to $700 a month for a trailer. 
  • Retail Sales Office – By paying between $250 to $500 each month, retail Arizonian businesses enjoy their much-needed space. They use mobile retail sales offices for opening up spaces in places where they don’t have buildings in.   
  • Medical Offices – Certain areas such as  Salt River Canyon or Wickenburg that are difficult to reach especially during disasters. NGOs and disaster relief organizations use medical offices to get in touch with those in need. 
  • Construction Trailer Leasing – Arizonian building companies rent or purchase construction trailers to be in the field. They need to pay close attention to their projects and they do that with construction trailer leasing. Firms only need to pay between $350 to $750 a month for each trailer.

What Influences Mobile Office Cost

  • Size – The more square footage your trailer has, the more it will cost you. Size greatly influences a trailer’s value. You’ll need to pay more if the trailer is bigger. Complex interior designs will also increase the amount you need to pay for. 
  • Extra Expenses – Amenities, deliveries, and installation will increase the cost of your mobile office. Interiors, fixtures, and utilities don’t usually come with your unit. Sellers will charge you more if you require such additions.
  • Length of Usage – The longer you’ll be renting the trailer, the more you’ll have to pay for it. Fortunately, some dealers offer discounts for longer period rentals. If you pay upfront, you’ll also be given an additional discount. 

Cost of Mobile Offices in Arizona

As of July 2021, the average rental cost of an 8’x20’ mobile office is between $120 and $250 each month. In cities such as Tucson, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, the average monthly rent for a 10’x40’ trailer is around $180 to $350. A 12’x60 modular building, on the other hand, will cost you from $350 to $550 every month.

If you have a business in Arizona, you’ll need to prepare up to $1,800 for delivery and set up. For the removal of the unit, you have to pay up to $1,200. It’s worth noting that most rentals will require a three-month minimum.

Recent Deals In Arizona

Mobile Office Trailer

Condition: New

Size: 8′ x 24′ 

Sold For $15,000

Construction Site Modular Office

Condition: Used, 3 years

Size: 20’ x 8’

Sold For $2,550

Construction Job-Site Office Trailer

Condition: Pre-Owned

Features: 1 Private Office & 1 Restroom

Size: 30’ x 8’

Sold For $9,000

Portable Recording Studio

Condition: Used, 5 years

Features: Lead Lining

Size: 15’x 34’

Sold for $52,329

We Supply To All Cities In Arizona

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If you’re in an industry that requires a mobile office trailer you can get in touch with us today. We supply to all cities in Arizona. Whether you’re from Peoria, Goodyear, Nogales, or Amarillo, we have you covered!